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Marathon done. Update to come for now, we ice.

  1. iwas262lb said: Wooooo!
  2. bravelittleturtle said: Yay!!!! Congrats!!
  3. laurenrunsfurther said: Congrats!
  4. joshbuildshealth said: Congratulations!!
  5. runrunningrunner said: Congrats! Great job - so proud :D
  6. breatherunlive said: Woohoo!!! Mazel Tov!! So happy for you!! *hugs*
  7. helloagainsam said: Whoohooo!!
  8. charlesonthemove said: Congratulations!
  9. 26bytwentysix said: congrats! :D
  10. footy-chic said: Awesome job! So happy to see you finish with a smile on your face too!
  11. andrea-running-lifting-living said: Yay!!!! Congrats! That’s so awesome!!
  12. chrisontherun said: CONGRATS!!!
  13. vdalexandra said: wow!! congrats!
  14. seechrisrun said: Hooray!!
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