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20 miles. Done and done. I had energy left at the end and I could have done more, which is great to think about with the full just about 6 weeks away.

I’ll post splits but they were all pretty even, slowing down some at the end but that was a little more the group than me. Honestly though it doesn’t matter if I run 20 miles at 9 minutes a mile or 12 minutes. That’s a lot of miles.

So the shorts. Feeding off my earlier post, apparently I was so mad I put my shorts on inside out. And didn’t notice until I got back in my car. Oops.

  1. rachaelfightsback said: AMAZING!!!! Man, if we lived closer, we would have been perfect running buddies for this! Our time was almost the same.
  2. fivefootsomethingsweating said: You said it, lady. 20 miles is 20 miles and I cannot even fathom running that many (famous last words….). Way to kill it!
  3. runymmv said: Way to go! I’ll be testing that distance in two weeks’ time. My biggest worry is boredom, heh :) My local running club ain’t particularly active, sadly, else I’d join them for those long hauls.
  4. fatman2fitman said: 20 miles! Awesome!
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